Out With the Old and In With the New

Did you know we have physical evidence that tattoo’s dated back to 3370 BC?

Insane right?

I wonder what it would be like if we used the same methods they did thousands of years ago. I bet the care for your own personal art was different and probably a bit more painful than modern tattoos. The tattoo industry has evolved dramatically over the past few thousand years and with new technology, colors and skin are right where we want them as early as the same day we painted your skin.

How do tattoo machines work?

There are two basic types of tattoo machines in production today. Both, believe it or not, are based on an invention by Thomas Edison called the Electric Pen invented in 1891. It only took 15 years for this invention to be modified for tattooing purposes. All machines whether new or old have the basic function of a needle picking up ink and depositing it in the dermis layer of your skin.

Currently in the market, there are 2 basic tattoo machines. First, the Coil tattoo Machines and second the Rotary tattoo machine. A  Coil tattoo machine is the older style of tattoo machine most of us have seen on television or the movies. They create the buzz that is typically associated with tattoo shops. They basically work by creating and electromagnetic field that moves and arm to control the needles movement. These machines, while effective for many years, are heavy, loud, and challenging to control.

Unlike an electromagnetic switch, the Rotary tattoo machines are smooth motion machine that allows for consistent and steady movement of the needle. This upgrade allows a tattoo artist to have more control over their strokes and detail. Not only are they easier on your artist, but the new devices are easier on your artist. Rotary tattoo machines are lighter, quieter, and some are even cordless. The smooth motion of the needle and weight of the machine all but eliminates the stress on your skin. This means colors are brighter sooner and your skin receives less trauma.

Time to upgrade to new tech

At Swan Family Ink, it is our number one desire to provide our clients with not only the highest quality art, but the most enjoyable experience as possible. We are confident in our ability to paint your beautiful skin, and now we are confident in our machines to provide the most comfortable experience as possible. We have upgraded our machines to the new technology of Rotary machines and are ready to provide the highest quality of work for you.

If you are nervous about getting your first tattoo, fear not. We tattoo new clients almost daily and are excited to give you a high quality experience. If you are nervous or have any questions about getting a tattoo, let us put your mind at ease. Contact us today with any questions you may have and we will get you scheduled for your first life-changing experience.