COVID-19: A story of resilience not shutdown

Not since the 1900s has our country experienced something like the COVID-19 crisis we are facing today. In March of 2020 this pandemic came to our shores and threatened our very way of life. People were getting sick and we didn’t know how or how fast it would spread. Fast forward to March 22, and Swan Family Ink was forced to close it’s doors for public safety concern.

What were we doing wrong?

How long would we be shut down?

Are we in significant danger?

These were only a few of the questions that ran through our mind during this shutdown.

What’s Next during COVID-19?

This was probably the biggest question on our mind. We are in the business of producing art and our favorite medium is our client’s beautiful skin. But we were being told that keeping 6 feet apart is the only safe way to keep us and our loyal customers happy. Have you every tried to do anything from 6 feet away? Imagine trying to give a tattoo with your tattoo machine attached to a 6 foot long pole.

Yeah, not very likely.

We were not considered an essential business, shows what they know, so we were forced to shut our doors until our governor lifted restrictions. While out of work and out of incoming business, the financial hardships were inevitable. With 3 artists and one pending apprentice, we were itching to open our doors back up and serve our community.

Instead of throwing in the towel, we decided to take this shutdown as an opportunity, and not a stumbling block

New things coming

COVID-19 may have shut our doors temporarily, but it did not shut down our artistic abilities or our devotion to our customers. During the shutdown we focused on creating new designs and practiced our craft to make sure we were ready for you when our doors open up.

Also, we have made improvements in the shop including new easily sanitized furniture and re-furbished our gorgeous hard-wood floors. We have ensured our facilities are COVID-19 compliant based on the governor’s orders and to keep our lucky visitors safe. Thankfully the storm is almost over and were are ready to open our doors. We are excited for our soft opening on 5/16/2020 and will be booking our first tattoo on 5/19/2020.

This pandemic may have caused us to question our leadership and our safety in our every day life, but it did not win. The virus did not destroy our humble business. Nor did it destroy our passion to pursue our artistic nature and decorate the beautiful bodies of our clients with our hard work.

Check out our new gallery for our latest work and feel free to drop us a line to schedule your life-changing experience.