Kris Thomas: Guest Artist at Swan Family Ink

Something wonderful about the tattoo industry is that we are one big family. From time to time we get to host talented artists like Kris Thomas. Kris currently works at River City Tattoo Co. in Spokane, Washington. He has been a tattoo artist for over 15 years.

He originally hails from Orange County, California, but has found Spokane to be his new home. Kris specializes in custom illustration, tattooing, logo design, and graphic art. While his current shop is up in Spokane, Kris has worked in California, Las Vegas, Florida, Connecticut, and even Costa Rico

But enough about his past, what do his clients say about him?

Kris Thomas customer reviews…just a few

“Kris did a phenomenal job on my tattoo. He was detailed and used colors that were all cohesive. My tattoo was a memorial and he made sure that it was just right. He keeps his area clean and makes sure that your experience is excellent. The numbing spray helped immensely. He takes his time and is well worth every dollar! I would highly recommend him!” – Emma K.


“Kris has always done a phenomenal job and I would use any other artist he uses numbing spray so longer tattoos are much easier on you and he blends colors perfect for vibrant lasting color. and the details he does is absolutely impeccable. he takes ordinary art and makes it into something so.much more” – Brandon L.


“This dude is so incredibly talented. He works fast and his precision and passion for his craft is outstanding. Truly talented guy.” – Jeannine B.


“Kris is super professional, an amazing artist, and funny guy to be around which makes it a relaxed atmosphere. Would pay to have him tattoo me anyday!!” – Eric P.


“Endless talent, this guy really loves what he does and has mastered his craft” – Joe P.

Ready to see some phenomenal Kris Thomas work??