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Telisa Swan

Telisa Swan met Russell Alger in 1993 while a senior studying Graphic Design at Washington State University. Soon after she began an apprenticeship to learn the craft and after graduating in 1994 they opened Little City Tattoo in Palouse, Washington.
Russel later moved on and and in 1999 Telisa and her family moved just a few miles away to Moscow, Idaho, She has enjoyed traveling around the globe and has won many awards for tattooing both nationally and internationally.
After many years it became a family business when her children followed in her footsteps and became skilled tattoo artists themselves. In 2010 after touring in the Cayman Islands and Florida for a few years she returned to Moscow and, now working with her husband, mother and children, decided to rename the studio Swan Family Ink.
She has enjoyed working with the immediate family on a daily basis and the family business is thriving. They exude love for one another and the shop has a great vibe. It is a clean, comfortable space with a homey atmosphere that makes going to work a pleasure, which, she feels, translates to the wonderful and diverse recipients of her artwork.