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Myra Lacy

Myra Lacy grew up in North Beach on the Olympic Peninsula. Her mother, an artist, recognized Myra’s passion for art at a young age and encouraged myra to pursue her creative endeavors.

On Myra’s eighteenth birthday she received her first tattoo, a chesterchire cat, and began a lifelong friendship with body art. As well as a friend in her artist, Dave Wilcox, who exposed her to new music, new art and a new culture of people.

Myra met Telisa through a mutual friend, Fay Hammon, who used to work for Little City Studio in Palouse. Telisa was impressed with the sheer amount of drawings and skill depicted in Myra’s work and offered her an apprenticeship- a rare opportunity which Telisa has only offered to a few talented artist.

Myra has now turned her passion into her profession as she exercises her creative talents as a tattoo artist and body modifier.