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Cera Swan-Lake

Cera Swan-Lake knew at the age of 12 that she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her mother, award winning tattoo artist Telisa Swan. She even chose to do her 7th grade career day project on tattooing! Long before tattooing was as popular as it is today.
Cera began her career as a tattoo artist after graduating high school in 2000. She worked along side her Mom at Little City Tattoo in Moscow, Idaho until 2006.
In 2007 Cera was presented with the opportunity to travel to Utah to tattoo at ASI Tattoo in Salt Lake City. Don and Sharon Brouse lovingly welcomed her into the ASI family.
In 2012 Telisa Swan reopened the family business as Swan Family Ink and Cera returned to Moscow to work along side her family again. Which now included her brother Dean Swan and husband Derek Lake of Salt Lake City.
Cera and Derek returned to Salt Lake City in 2014 to be closer to Derek’s father during his battle with cancer. They were welcomed again by the ASI Tattoo family.
In 2015 Cera and Derek returned to Moscow, where they plan to stay.
Cera loves to create living art and couldn’t dream of a better job. There is no place she would rather work and she feels blessed to work with the people she loves. She hopes to continue traveling and tattooing wherever life’s adventures take her, but Moscow and Swan Family Ink will always be home.